22 week Training Program

Our 22-week periodized training program using Wahoo kickr studio software is designed to improve overall cycling fitness by individualizing athlete’s power gains.  Our training program is broken into four phases: Base (6wks), Tempo (4 wks), Build (8 wks), and Mixed Technique (4 wks).  All four phases are appropriate for ALL levels of cycling fitness.  Athletes will test their Functional Threshold Power (FTP) at the beginning of their off-season training, and will retest periodically throughout the training program.  Our progressive protocol maximizes off-season training efficiency by effectively building cycling power, endurance, and technique in a data-driven, motivating, and fun environment.

Monday’s and Tuesday’s will be workout #1, Wednesday’s and Thursday’s workout #2, Friday’s will be a mix of workouts 1 and 2, and Saturday’s and Sunday’s workout #3.  On Sunday’s we will add :30 min each month.

Bicycle Barn

State of the art KICKR studio with 16 trainers, 7 KICKR’s and 9 KICKR Snap’s.  Kickr is a direct drive trainer that requires you to remove your rear wheel. Kickr snap is a fly wheel trainer.  Both trainers are power indoor bike training stands with an ergometer that measures power and cadence. Whether you are a beginner, an advanced triathlete or bike racer these classes are a great workout on your own bike.  They will keep you in great shape over the winter and hopefully even make some improvements in efficiency, position, power, and endurance. So when spring rolls around you are ready to get out on the roads.

The goal of the Bicycle Barn is to make indoor riding a ton of fun with other people that have the same goals as you. Have an early race?  We will adjust classes as needed to help you be ready!

The studio has 5 TV’s.  One 75″ TV for TV shows, movies, music and more.  Four other TV’s  to display your ride stats . Workout towels are available for $10/month or $40/season.  Bike storage is also available for $25/month or $50/season.  Forget something to drink or any of your nutrition?  No worries, we will have plenty of stuff at the studio for you to purchase.  We have two bathrooms along with access to locker rooms with showers.

Cycling Classes

Seasonal unlimited riding:  includes classes and open riding, goes from October 16th 2017 til April 1st 2018

Open riding:  ALL open riding must be scheduled 24 hrs in advanced. 


Towel Service: Bicycle Barn branded workout towels are available every time you come to workout.  $40/season.

Bike Storage: store your bike in a secured room, and have it on a trainer and ready for you every time you come to ride.   $50/season.


To register you can create a WodHopper account if you don’t already have one.


The studio is finished and we are now open, new photos and video to come soon.
Stop by to check it out, or email me at matt@bicyclebarn-wi.com to set up your first class for free.